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Q1. How do I pay online?

A1. Log on to  https://www.dks1928.com/cms   - Give your user id as your member id say GA-002 & Password as “nopass”. Once logged in you will see your account balance. Go to Amount and enter the amount you want to pay and click on Payment Type – Credit Card, Debit Card or Netbanking. Click on Pay.

Q2. Will I receive intimation when payment will be done?

A2. Yes, you will receive a success message with a transaction number. You will also receive SMS and Email intimation.

Q3.  How will I know whether my balance is updated?

A3. After payment, you can click on the dashboard or the DKS logo sign which will take you to the dashboard. Your account balance will show?

Q4. If my outstanding balance is Rs. 5000 or has crossed Rs.5000, then can I pay a part amount?

A4. NO, THE SYSTEM WILL STOP YOU FROM PAYING PART AMOUNT ONLINE. Your payment say Rs.6214 will show as it is in the amount column which you cannot change. You need to pay the exact amount. If you wish to pay a higher amount than the exact amount, then you have to pay twice. First, the exact amount, and then whatever amount you wish to pay.

Q5. After online payment, will the club know that I have paid?

A5. Yes, the club can see it in the system or you can show them the SMS and email which was sent to you.

Q5A. Member making online payment during non- working hours or for that matter on holidays, can make a payment and avail of the club service if his/her card is blocked.

Yes you can avail of the services if you make a successful full amount online payment. On Holidays / non office working hours the club may not be able to update your individual payment account on real time but if you show up your received sms /email to the waiter, they will allow you to avail of the club services and facilities. The club will take min of 24 to 48 hours to update your personal account.

Q6. What will happen in case of a failed transaction?

A6. If transaction is a failure, you need to check that the SMS has also sent you a failure and nothing is charged from your account. You need to re-do the transaction.

Q7. How do I check my outstanding balance?

A7. Please login to  https://www.dks1928.com/cms  and give your member account credentials. In the dashboard you can check your balance.

Q8. Is my balance updated by the club, If I pay offline in the club?

A8. Yes, the club office updates all balance every working day morning. So if you have paid offline in the club on a particular day, the balance is updated the next working day morning. The updated balance is fed into the online system for you to check. Please keep in my mind that a transaction done in the evening is updated in the next working day morning only. The same applies for holidays also. However, the online payments are reflected immediately.

Q9. Is my payment secure?

A9. All payments pass through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) – that is why you will see https being used in the website address. The SSL layer encrypts the transaction. The transaction passes through the bank server and is fully protected against any illegal means.

Q10. Can I edit my profile?

A10. Yes, you can edit your profile by going to ‘My profile’ and changing the phone number, email id etc. However, you cannot change the address for which you need to approach the club. Here all members are requested to fill in all details and upload a proper picture of yourself. (Primary member)

Q11. How I can I register to the Login Member /Pay online?

A11. Only members are allowed to login with member details which is available in respective member dashboard. Give your user id as your member id say GA-002 & Password as- nopass. Please change your password and do not share with outsiders. It is mandatory to update/ change all personal information for ease of communication and to abide by club rules & conditions.

Q12. How can one apply for a new Membership?

A12. Those Interested in applying for new membership, will have to approach the club office and seek all details for the same.

Q13. What is the permanent membership policy for Member’s children exceeding 21 years?

A13. They have to apply for fresh membership by writing to the club secretary requesting for the same with parent’s member details. The request should come from the primary member for their ward.

Q14. What happens if I forget my password?

A14. Login with your member Id no (eg : TM-018 )  and then click Forgot Password tab. Thereafter you will receive an email to change your password in your registered email account. If you haven’t registered then please do it right away.

Q15. Will I receive regular notices online?

A15. Yes all club notices will be updated for your information from time to time.

Q16. Will I be able to view my monthly outstanding online?

A16. Yes, by logging into your account and check your daily / monthly outstanding.

Q17. Can I make Online feedbacks?

A17. Yes, please click onto to Reach Us tab on the home page and register your feedback

Q18. Where can I find Club Rules and Regulation details?

A18. Yes, please click About Us tab on the home page and click Rules and Regulation tab

Q19. Is there service charge applicable for making online payment transaction?

A19. Yes, you will be charged convenience fee at the time of making online payment through payment options that you may choose. The amount charged will get debited from your credit/debit/Net banking account.

Q20. Can I order food online?

A20. No, member cannot order F&B online, but you can call a dedicated no. given in the F&B section to place your order if you are consuming within the club premise in advance. WE DO NOT PROVIDE HOME DELIVERY SERVICES, but you can place orders in advance and arrange for personal pickup. The person taking delivery will have to produce the member id card at the time of delivery. Also, before placing your ordercheck your outstanding balance online.

Q21. Who to call to place F&B order?

A21. Please call Sujay Bhuniya +919681446223 / Arindam Rakshit +919830873740 between 9 am to 9 pm.

Q22. How can I enroll my son for tennis and swimming coaching facility.

A22. Please contact our office, they will guide you. You can also check respective club & games facility section in our home page.

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